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We’re Infinite North!

We believe that when you put in good things, great things come back your way. It’s one of the many reasons we invest in our community and our team.

Infinite North’s primary goal is to create opportunities here in Dayton, OH. It’s why we we’re selective with our who our clients are and we find it important that each team member benefits from our work as well.

Each member of the Infinite North team brings their own experience and point of 


view on client goals. Our company focuses on using market data to provide our clients with the best guidance.

Provided that we deliver results, we look to our client to provide our hardest working team members with incentives and rewards for their work, and they are happy to oblige.


We provide


Insight into the Dayton Market


Guidance on accomplishing goals


Dedicated, professional team


Constant and consistent training for our team.

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